How an MVP work?

1- Setup a WiFi name as IOT (all uppercase) with password hesBot (B uppercase)
2- Power your device on
3- Open your App and login
4- Enjoy!


Puria Kazemieh

Android developer

I have been doing Android programming for about 6 years. I love challenge and learning.
I would like to become a very big programmer in the future so that I can make the world a better place to live with the projects I do.

Yousef Amiri

Full-stack developer

Jafar Daraei

Software engineer
Smart Window

Smart Window

The smart window automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity of your home or work environment. If your room needs ventilation, leave the decision to the window itself. This device is a smart plug-in for windows that opens and closes according to the standard settings or the setting you want by the phone.
You can remotely know the status of windows and the temperature and humidity of your work or living place and act smarter in energy consumption.

Room Sense

Room Sense

A small device that sends ambient temperature and humidity to your phone.
With Room Sense you can have better control over energy consumption and be informed of excessive increase or decrease of temperature

Rymon Sense

Rymon Sense

A smart device that monitors the environment. Rymon Sense starts taking photos and sending them to your phone by observing the movement. so unlike CCTV cameras that capture images continuously, you have to look for events yourself. With this device, you will be informed of events directly.
The number of events is not limited to observing the movement, but you can be informed of changes in temperature, humidity, opening the doors, etc. and turn the devices on or off remotely.
Rymon Sense gives you the ability to sense events and make remote decisions, and combines the functionality of several separate systems and provides them to your phone.


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